Typhoon Glenda Threatens To Knock Out My Power

I haven’t officially started blogging or even launched this site yet, but for those of you that are already on the newsletter. This one is for you.

Manila is going to be hit with a Category 1 Typhoon and to honor those constantly plagued by anger issues it is named after a woman. For those that don’t know, I currently live on the island of Boracay situated south of where the center of the storm is predicted to hit.

That being said,Typhoon Glenda (Rammasun) will be effecting us here in “paradise” as we are only an hour flight from Manila.


This will be the worst Typhoon to affect the Philippines since “super typhoon” Yolanda (Haiyan). Also the first Typhoon to directly hit the capital in 4 years.

If I suddenly disappear it’s because I either got blown away from having lost so much weight or we are out of power.

Don’t worry about me, I probably wont die.



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