What’s going on!? Where are you!??

This is just an announcement of sorts, The “Traveling Donkey Show’ is still happening…


So why the silence?

Well, that’s because we haven’t officially started yet.

This time last year I was learning how to build this website. Even with WordPress, it was a bit more than imagined it would be. My skills in graphic design and coding were minuscule to non existent at best, but I trucked on and I now have the knowledge to launch when opportunity sees fit.

So why not launch now?

I won’t be launching until I’ve finished losing weight and have my health on the right track. I’m 60 pounds down with 60 more to go. It’s a lot harder to lose here in America, but I’m managing it, albeit slowly.

10701961_908323995862227_2001873915974870779_n (1)

The test posts we have done were successful enough, but I have to make sure I can keep up with what I have planned for the show.

During this severe time of hunger I am taking it upon myself to further hone my skills in graphic and video work and I have also been making connections in the Philippines while learning the primary language of the country.

We continue to grow on Facebook daily though, and we haven’t stopped marketing our brand. Rest assured, we aren’t dead in the water.