WTF is The Traveling Donkey Show? (No donkeys will be molested…probably)

Let’s answer the question that all the cool kids have been wondering about. Set down your bongs and pipes and listen up.

What is The “Traveling Donkey Show”?

I’m sure that some of you are thinking and or hoping that it could quite possibly be a performance derived from Tijuana where a magnificently beautiful donkey gets some well-deserved fellatio for being mistreated and used for entertainment.

Sorry Pedro, no donkeys will be pleasured during the filming of the show. Well, there are no immediate plans for such things anyways. I’ve learned to never say never. There’s always the chance that I’ll lose my mind and go Tom Green on everyone.


Anyways, The “Traveling Donkey Show” is about my travels across the world.

Through YouTube and Blogging I will let you in on my crazy adventures. Not only to share tips and guides with you, but give you something new and exciting as well.

There are a lot of blogs to read and traveling shows out there for you to watch, but there’s not much separating them from one another.

So in an effort to divide myself from the pack I don’t plan on keeping things formal or proper.

If you are expecting something family friendly or politically correct, look elsewhere. I am aiming for everything to be just as entertaining as it is educational.

Two of my favorite series in the entertainment industry have been Jackass, and its offshoot show… Wildboyz. While I am not trying to imitate or recreate either of those shows, you may see some inspiration from them.

Between myself having been called an “ass” by misinformed twats quite possibly suffering from a mild case of autism and my love for those shows, I figured that the name The “Traveling Donkey Show” was aptly suitable.


Sorry, that wasn’t very funny for any mildly autistic people in the audience, but then again, nothing is.” –Tim Minchin

There will be cussing, crude humor, pranks, and even probably some nudity. I’m going out of my way to find the grossest, weirdest off-beat things I can in the countries that I travel to.

Sorry to all the prudes living in their bubbles. I can’t please everyone. Besides, you suck anyways…

To equally disappoint those looking for a complete and utter freak show, I’m sorry to say that it won’t all be vile and disgusting. I plan to visit many beautiful locations, and do as many unique activities as I can in the surrounding areas.

I will share with you my scuba diving trips, drunken nights of debauchery, crazy foods, hikes, the surrounding culture and if you’re really lucky… you might even get to see me in a thong so you can make fun of my average sized package.

How would you like to see me dressing up as a Lady and going to hang out with the lady boys for a night while I hit on random foreign passersbys?

Oh the possibilities…

Is the world even ready to see me in a thong?

The correct answer is no, but It’s going to happen. When it does, please send me detailed descriptions of any nightmares you may have.

Here is to our adventures and stupidity.

For a more elaborate look into who I am and what I am doing check out the About page.

PS – If Autism is a cause that you truly care about, take the time that you would spend bitching at me for making fun of it and instead donate to Autism Speaks.

I just donated 25$ dollars. It’s money well spent.


Fuck you,